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Ecommerce Marketing

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Autoship & Recurring Orders

Shopping Ads

Experience the difference of shopping ads management powered by vulcnAI™. We empower online retailers, ecommerce stores, and digital agencies with a hyper-effective and scalable method of increasing product sales and improving ROAS through Google Shopping Ads and Bing Shopping Ads.

What’s included:

  • Shopping campaign architecture and PLA management
  • Automatic feed-to-PLA syncing for product groups and SKUs
  • Goal-driven bidding and profit optimization with machine learning
  • Support for promotions, product launches, and special offers
  • Budget management and shopping spend allocation
  • Search query analysis, n-gram mining, and negative keywords
  • Dayparting, device modifiers, and geolocation targeting
  • Audience targeting and segmentation
  • Shopping insights and custom reporting

Search Ads

Create, test, and optimize thousands of precision-targeted text ads with superior control at unmatched scale. Our evolved approach to search ads uses natural language processing, advanced keyword classification, dynamic ad creation, and smart bidding enhanced by machine learning.

What’s included:

  • Adaptive campaign architecture
  • Dynamic ad creation for products, categories, and brands
  • Keyword research, advanced classification, and flexible targeting
  • Iterative testing of search ads (A/B/n and MVT)
  • ML-powered optimization of smart bidding strategies
  • Support for promotions, product launches, and special offers
  • Ad extension optimization with campaign and SKAG-level mapping
  • Search query analysis, n-gram mining, and negative keywords
  • Budget management and spend allocation
  • Dayparting, device modifiers, and geolocation targeting
  • Audience targeting and RLSAs
  • Performance reporting for paid search

Product Feeds

Having a high-quality product feed is a fundamental part of realizing sustainable growth for online retailers and ecommerce businesses. No matter how large or small your catalog is, we’ll clean, transform, and optimize your product feed for just about any marketing channel or online marketplace.

What’s included:

  • Product feed setup and data source integration
  • Attribute editing, product data transformation, custom fields
  • Optimization of titles, descriptions, and other attributes
  • End-to-end delivery of transformed feeds to merchant channels
  • Automatic smart sync for your shopping campaigns
  • 24/7 feed diagnostics and issue monitoring

Ecommerce Analytics

Gain a competitive edge with marketing analytics, reporting dashboards, and access to our data science resources. From business intelligence to data modeling and statistical analysis, our evolving suite of data products help you ask the right questions, get faster answers, and make smarter decisions.

What’s included:

  • Customizable analytics dashboards built for you by our BI engineers
  • Multi-source data blending, calculated metrics, and custom metrics
  • Custom reports with beautiful data visualizations
  • Scheduled reporting for multiple teams and stakeholders
  • Forecasting powered by augmented intelligence
  • Secure connection to 150+ data sources and relational databases
  • Configurable anomaly detection and contextual alerts for any metric
  • Access to our data science team for ad hoc analysis and data strategy

Ecommerce SEO

Get guided optimization of your website’s metadata, keyword targeting, site architecture, schema markup, internal linking, plus proactive support for hundreds of potential SEO issues that are discovered by our comprehensive technical audits.

What’s included:

  • Optimization of titles, descriptions, headings, and metadata
  • JSON-LD markup for products, offers, ratings, and more
  • Enhancement of internal link architecture
  • Assistance with URL structure and information architecture
  • On-demand and scheduled SEO audits with actionable suggestions
  • Monitoring of Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • Proactive improvement of site crawlability and indexation efficiency
  • Configuration and maintenance of sitemaps and robots.txt directives
  • Tracking for keywords, keyword clusters, SERP types, and more
  • Specialized support to help you resolve hundreds of potential issues
  • Performance reporting for organic search

Consulting Projects

Outside of our core offerings, we’ve helped companies in the Internet Retailer 500, Fortune 100, mid-market, and high-growth startups with an array of consulting projects. All of our consulting engagements include skilled dedicated resources led by senior leadership. More importantly, we execute with meticulous attention to detail and ensure that each project is delivered successfully. Contact us to learn more about our consulting solutions.

Examples of consulting projects:

  • Implementing Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce
  • Optimizing shopping cart and checkout workflow
  • Integrating autoship and subscriptions into your storefront
  • Assisting with internal data strategy
  • Independent audits of SEM and SEO initiatives
  • Ecommerce data warehousing
  • Custom attribution modeling 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services available individually?

Yes, all of our managed services can be purchased individually. They can also be paired with any combination of our other service offerings to achieve the optimal bundle for your company.

Are there minimum contract lengths?

Most of our managed services are available on a month-to-month basis with no long-term contract. We do offer discounts for annual commitments, which also come with a 30-day opt out period.

How does billing work?

We use a subscription billing model for all of our managed services. Each month you will be invoiced and automatically charged the subscription amount using your preferred payment method (credit card, debit card, or ACH).

Do you partner with Agencies?

We sure do. Whether it is to enhance your existing offerings, enable you to sell new ones, or simply to free up your team for other tasks, we help leading agencies deliver incredible results for their clients.

Do you only work with ecommerce companies?

We are laser-focused on ecommerce ecosystems. This is part of the reason why we excel at helping online sellers grow regardless of where you’re starting from. We do on occasion work with other types of companies (usually in a consulting capacity). It can’t hurt to ask, so feel free to reach out.

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